The Gift of YOU!

Give the gift of YOU! Take them on a wonderful trip! Personalize a gift with special date, saying or message! Or give the gift of your own unique talents!

Take them on a Wonderful Trip!


Here are some fantastic travel deals that you can surprise them or yourself with a wonderful trip to anywhere you can imagine! Let your imagination be your guide with these uplifting destinations.  Get ready to visit somewhere unique and exotic!




Create a Wonderful Personalized Gift!


Anything you can imagine from frames to doormats, mugs, jewelry and more personalized with a message of love, quote, special date, names or you-name-it!​ Anything you imagine you can make happen with these great ideas!  Let your gift giving imagination run wild! 




YOU are the Wonderful Gift!


YOU are the wonderful gift when you help someone with your unique knowledge and talents. Give someone your time to help them organize or tutor them on the computer.  Take them out to a museum or shopping for the day.  Or show them these cool shortcuts, tips and tricks to make their experience on Facebook and LinkedIn more fun and productive.

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Give the Gift of their Own Website 


Give them these wonderful, simple tools so they can turn their passion and ideas into a real, income producing Wordpress website.  This all-in-one package provides tools and training to help every business to create a big presence and succeed online.Great to give or get for yourself!

Ultimate Marketing Kit for your Brand!
This fantastic group of tools is all you need to make a total marketing  campaign to promote your Brand and Websites. Traffic Generation, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Social Media and much more all packaged together in a complete affordable bundle of marketing tools.
Increase Prosperity and Wisdom!


Many say you can grab financial prosperity at the same time as spiritual advancement. In fact, according to The Awakening Course, they actually go hand in hand.  

Great minds have told us down thru the ages...from Ben Franklin to Buddha, Thomas Edison, Gandhi, Napoleon Hill and even Christ: You can accomplish great things using positive thinking. Look beyond the chaos and divisions and find steps to open your golden path.


These are the real tools to turn fears into success and pains into life-affirming intentions. Watch what happens when you tap into the unlimited power of your mind using the keys of pure positive thinking found in The Awakening Course.  

Give or Get the Gift of Protecting Identity!


Here's a no-brainer for everyone! Give them or get coverage for yourself because in these TopsyTurvy Times you don't want to gamble with someone stealing your Identity!


And if that happens you want to be backed up with this $1,000,000 policy to keep you covered and safe. With monthly rates this low you don't want to forget an easy protection especially as your income and prosperity increases.