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Gadgety Gadgets!

Give a Gadgety Gadget or discover how to use the gadgets we already have in better and better ways!  Let the Kids zoom ahead with the best home learning tools!


Plus you'll find "As Seen on TV" gadgets and the Ultimate Emergency Radio and Light everyone needs! 

Best Gadget Store at the Right Price!


Here is a portal to the coolest gadget store on the web! All kind of gift ideas...from a stainless steel Yo-Yo to a Spy Set or better gadget to do almost everything!  Gadgets make great gifts!  ​Best low prices, too!

Parent teaching tools.PNG
Help Your Kids Zoom Ahead at Home!


Staying at home to learn has its advantages! Guided Lessons That Easily Transforms ANY Parent Into Their Child's Favorite Teacher. Makes Learning Fun!


Hundreds of Lessons, Activities, Workbooks, Games And Movies with Ever Growing Possibilities!

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Pricey but Greatest Gadgets in the World!


Top of the line products that everyone can get inspired by! Imagine if you could furnish your entire life with these wonderful items from Touch of Modern. Browse and see if you don't agree: These are the best!

Telescope Wizard.PNG
Show Them a Whole New World!


Real professional Telescopes and Microscopes make a great gift! Bring a whole new perspective to the world for every kid who has an eye to see.  ​Dazzling views await those who venture into worlds beyond with a SkyScout, Land & Sky Telescope and great microscopes, too.

Give them 16,000 Amazing Plans and Ideas!
Surprise them with these great woodworking Plans and Ideas! From cabinets to decks, chairs to mailboxes, kid's toys and lots more! It doesn't matter what your level of experience, find multiple designs for every project to suit all.  With lots of inspiring projects for advanced woodworkers looking for a challenge! 16,000 Plans and Ideas is a Great Gift to make almost anything! Take a look! Easy Download or Fast Delivery!
Give them the best "As Seen on TVGifts!


Discover an endless array of great gifts you've seen forever on TV!  You're sure to find the perfect gift idea among the hundreds of items and categories! All kind of fun gadgets and ideas to help spark your imagination to find the perfect gift!

Be Patriotic! Ready for Every Emergency!


Emergency kits, food, water, power, radio, lights, cell charger and more! Help yourself or your loved ones be emergency ready!  Here's a great website that has everything you need to be totally prepared! We're especially excited about this hand crank/solar Voyager Pro emergency radio, light, cell charger that's sure to come in handy no matter what the emergency or how long it might last. These products are must-haves for everyone! Is your family prepared?

Help them Transform their On-Line Life!


These gifts reveal the secrets and tips to making your Facebook and all your Social Media really work for you! Here's the gift that shows how to do all the things they say we can.  Makes a great gift for anyone including for yourself who wants to expand your personal and business presence. Have more fun at the same time!​ 

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Five Free Gifts!
Discover the 12 Breakthrough Programs that millions swear really do accelerate personal and business breakthroughs!  Amazing tools and techniques made easy from ancient times, some scientific, some spiritual and all breakthroughs!   Find 5 Breakthroughs for FREE! 

name a star.PNG
Give them their own Star!

Immortalize  anyone by naming a star after them! When you give one of these star kits you are getting the perfect gift for all occasions that will be remembered with each glance at the skies. Be among the stars that light up the sky!

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