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Wonderful Gift Ideas
for the Kids!

Explore these wonderful gifts the kids will love! Unique, futuristic and entertaining toys and learning tools. And every kid will be excited to share these amazing (and fun!) items and on-line tools with their classmates and friends.

Gifts that can help your kid zoom ahead, learn about money and how to CODE at home!

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Coding for kids.PNG
Every Kid Can Learn to CODE at Home!


Now every Kid can learn to CODE and have a blast at the same time! Inspire their imagination and you may help them into a career. "Coding for Kids" has hundreds of Quests, Courses, Adventures including designing video games as they learn the art of the CODE! 


Let your kids try it for FREE and if they don't have fun and learn, send it back! So, easy!

Parent teaching tools.PNG
Help Your Child Zoom Ahead at Home!


Staying at home to learn has its advantages! Guided Lessons That Easily Transforms ANY Parent Into Their Child's Favorite Teacher. Makes Learning Fun!

Hundreds of Lessons, Activities, Workbooks, Games And Movies with Ever Growing Possibilities!

"Unstoppable Me!"


Make sure your kids know they are "Unstoppable" in all the most Wonderful ways! Dr. Wayne Dyer delivers a fun experience in a modern Dr. Suess style.


Let all the children you know discover 10 Ways to Soar Through Life and hold on to the "No-Limit" thinking every kid was born with.  Fantastic story and great interactive App inspires the kid in all of us no matter what age!

Teach the Kids About Money!


This delightful program makes learning about money fun! Beautifully created to inspire and motivate kids to share their talents and prosper. According to a leading Medical Clinic, parents who push their kids to join tons of activities could be causing long-term damage to their mental health.


In fact a major Harvard study backs this up, finding that children with overly demanding parents were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety later in life.


Luckily there’s a simple, fun way to nurture confident, successful children without putting unnecessary pressure on them.  The secret lies in teaching them real-world life skills that will help them thrive in school and beyond…Skills like problem-solving, creativity, financial literacy, effective communication and resilience.


And the MOST effective way to learn these skills is through entrepreneurship.


Uncover the best ways to raise an independent, fearless kid based on their unique strengths.

Free Trial Deals.PNG
Try these Home Learning Toolsfor FREE!


You'll be surprised what's available, just what the kids were asking for!  Free Trials means you can give each great tool a test-run for FREE to see if the kids like it...if it's fun and works!

Stroll thru these amazing home learning tools and see which might inspire your kids!

Show the Kids How the States Got Their Shapes!


Give these Smart Videos that show the astonishing events of "How the States Got Their Shapes" and how that made America the great country it is!  An amazing story for all! Or give them our National Parks or other wonderous places with video experiences as gifts that dazzle the eye and inspire the mind of any age kid! 

Making Learning at Home Fun and Easy!

Every Home Needs a Globe!


Give them a globe and you have given them the world!  Search "Globes" and you'll find almost every kind you can imagine to inspire everyone's mind and taste.  Another easy order site with an amazing assortment of affordable gifts including fast, free delivery to your door or theirs.   

Telescope Wizard.PNG
Show Them a Whole New World!


Real professional Telescopes and Microscopes make a great gift! Bring a whole new perspective to the world for every kid who has an eye to see.  ​Dazzling views await those who venture into worlds beyond with a Land & Sky Telescope and great microscopes, too.

"Your ( _____ ) Year Old"


Can you believe it?  There’s this series of really easy guide books for every age and grade that shows you exactly what your child is going through! Parents tell us these books are spot-on accurate! You won’t have to pull your hair out any more wondering why are they doing that now! Each year makes a great gift or the whole series makes a wonderful gift for new parents. They'll thank you for it a million times! And so will the kids!



Kids of every age love this fun and funny world view!  A hilarious and beautifully illustrated book shows many kinds of animals, their poop, and describing where and how they poop, including us at every age!  Certainly an out-of-this-world gift idea that shows we all poop!

Sister Wendy.PNG
Kids of Every Age Love Learning Art from Sister Wendy!

Parents love to watch these fantastic videos about ART with their kids!  Everyone seems inspired by Sister Wendy's wonderful and charming descriptions of the world's greatest artworks. From Da Vinci to Warhol, Van Gogh to Picasso you and your kids will come away with a complete understanding of the foundations of art since the beginning of cave paintings. 

An unforgettable experience for kids of every age! Sister Wendy takes you on a journey sharing her vast knowledge of art while she makes learning about art totally fun and cool!

Baba Sez:   "Feel on Top of the World when the Pets in your family                                                    have great Health Insurance!"                                        

Make sure your own Pet and every friend's Pet has good Pet Insurance! Amazing reasonable monthly rates make this an essential and easy gift for every pet friend!  Good pet insurance is key to keep your pet healthier and to help you remember to have your pet checked twice a year.


Three Great Gifts that Everyone Loves!

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