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Gifts of Spirit

and Insight

Even in these difficult times, we're always looking for what can lift us up. Here at Wonderful Gifts and Solutions to Every Problem you'll find lots of fun, up-beat gift ideas!

And here's a little adventure game: Think of any question or what is challenging you in life right now. Then stroll thru these unique gifts as if you're at a spiritual mall looking for wonderful insights. Now watch your answers appear!


And as you explore, you'll even find FIVE FREE GIFTS! But watch out! There's an odd way-out gift that can't be un-seen, once you see it! A wild holiday gift that will delight many, but certainly not for everyone! Yikes!

Explore Beautiful Spiritual Jewelry and More!

Find the perfect gift from a vibrant collection of ideas and products to bring more love, light and harmony to our world! Gifts of Spirit, Charms, Mugs, Pins, Jewelry, T-Shirts, Posters, Living Gifts and lots more. Uplifting insight for all! 

Awakening Course New_edited_edited.png
Grab Prosperity and Wisdom at the Same Time!

Many say we can gain financial prosperity at the same time as more spiritual wisdom. In fact, according to The Awakening Course, it's essential that they go hand in hand.  

Like the great minds have told us down thru the ages...from Ben Franklin to Buddha, Gandhi, Christ and even Napoleon Hill...You accomplish great things using all positive thinking. But how do we get beyond the chaos and divisions that life presents to find a golden path on every level?


The tools here turn your fears into success and pains into life-affirming energy. Watch what happens when you tap into your unlimited power within. Be ready because this stuff works!  

Lucid Dreaming.png
You Really Can Take Control of Your Dreams!


Everyone can experience Lucid Dreaming. Here are the tools and techniques that can unlock some of your deepest questions and answers using Lucid Dreaming.

Learn specific lucid dreaming techniques and the BEST way to practice them to perform the unique ‘dream conversation’ scenario.

Have a powerful lucid experience without any effort at all (Other than thinking and imagining things).  You can analyse your dream signs and use them to help you solve day-to-day problems. Sleep better. Feel more rested. Get the answers you need in your sleep.

The Magic of Manifestation 

This wonderful program delivers everything you need to make "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction work perfectly!  You are already constantly using your inner abilities to create your life and now you can do so more consciously.  Techniques revealed here are the easy steps of how to re-focus all your thoughts and emotions for direct manifestation of more happiness, peace, health and prosperity.
A Really Out-of-this-World Odd Gift Idea!


You asked us for it! And here it is! At this link, you'll find one of the most Out-of-this-World Odd gifts you might ever hope you didn't see! WARNING! Some will find this gift offensive and horrible. Others absolutely hilarious and a Must-Have! OMG! Don't say we didn't warn you!


An real holiday tradition in many parts of the world! See what Elvis, the Pope, Trump, the Queen, Dracula and even Sponge Bob Squarepants among others have in common. Great to give them as a gift, but don't blame us at the reactions!

Secret Destiny of America book.png
Discover The Secret Destiny of America!

Instead of all the gloomy prophecy and wild conspiracy theories that so many scream about, discover a wonderful, upbeat future view of America and all of our destiny. Could we really be that shining city on a hill after all? The writings of Manly P. Hall are an inspiring upbeat clear view that humanity is on the right track with the freedoms and safety our modern Nation offers to all.
Presence power.PNG
Hidden Key to Happiness and Wealth!
Discover the single key that scientists agree is the most important aspect to open a flow of happiness, wealth and success into your life. The techniques contained in this program give you the tools to take your life right now and transform every part.
Be here now.PNG
Be Here Now is Perfect for these Chaotic Times!

"We're talking about metamorphosis...We're talking about going from a caterpillar to a butterfly...We're talking about how to become a butterfly."

This 60's classic is a perfect interactive experience for the crazy times we live in right now! No matter what's going on, the insights and uplift you can gain from "Be Here Now" will amaze at its simplicity and clarity. 


Try it today to get beyond any pain, confusion or excess. Be Here Now!

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Five Free Gifts!
Discover the 12 Breakthrough Programs that millions swear really do accelerate personal and business breakthroughs!  Amazing tools and techniques made easy from ancient times, some scientific, some spiritual and all breakthroughs!   Find 5 Breakthroughs for FREE! 

Inspiration from Pope Francis for Everyone!
Discover Inspiration from Pope Francis! Great Gift Ideas that uplift and inspire! DVD's of Pope Francis in America, his books, words, sayings and inspiration, along with every kind of Pope related gift you can imagine.  There's even a Pope Francis bobblehead perfect for someone you know would appreciate it!
Healing Energy for Everyone.PNG
Amazing Techniques to Tap into Inner Power


Tap into the nearly unlimited power of your Mind. Now you can prove it to yourself with these easy techniques that reveal the steps to open your own personal golden path.

This program offers amazing tools to learn how to transform each obstacle encountered with more love, compassion and kindness even in the swirling storm. Real breakthrough techniques to manifest greater prosperity, health and wisdom. Try them and watch your answers appear!

Past Lives with Pets cover.PNG
Explore Past Lives with Your Pet!

Our animal companions' distinct personalities and behaviors can reveal that they have already lived with us and loved a different life! Past Lives with Pets features amazing case studies of people who knew their pets in a previous life. This remarkable book also provides guided journeys to help you uncover past connections and heal from trauma of losing a companion.

Deliberate creation product shot.PNG
Discover the Secret of Deliberate Creation!


Here it is! Best $100 bucks you ever spent! Really works! If you're looking for lots of easy to use and remember tools and techniques, you'll love this collection of up-beat pure positive thinking guidance, no matter what the state of the world or the gotcha politics. Don't take the bait of the hate when it rears its head. Instead we can remember our eyes only see beauty, prosperity and wisdom! Now available to all in this fantastic collection of Deliberate Creation.


Read the unique subjects covered and you'll see THIS is the program you've been dreaming about!

This is what you were looking for!

Here's an easy and fun way to tell someone you really care!  Through all the Topsy Turvy times we've all been through, maybe we all need something from this website. It's All a Gift!

Personalize Anything with important dates, inspiring quotes or your secret fun made up word we all remember. Nearly any gift you can imagine can be personalized! 

Ticket to Prosperity.PNG
Grab Your Ticket to Prosperity Here and Now!


Down thru the ages, these Programs contain techniques that have been known to spark solutions for personal and business breakthroughs! Millions use these practical tools every day to work wonders, inspire and enlighten. Discover your Genie Within...And find Five Free Gifts right now!

Take Them on a Wonderful Adventure!


Here are some fantastic spiritual adventures from all across the globe! 


From the inner courtyard of a Balinese Temple to a private initiation in the Great Pyramid, you will be treated to incredible and exclusive spiritual travel experiences – no less than the trip of a lifetime! Join the wonderful people at Spirit Quest Tours to seek out the secret places to ignite the Soul.  



Uncover Your Past Life Connections!


People everywhere are looking at the possibilities of Past Lives and discovering amazing insights that resolve today's life situations. Get clues about your past to demolish blocks to your happiness, better healing and greater prosperity. Uncover the clues in your life right now that are actually all around you! Get a brand new point-of-view into you and your Past Lives!

The Search book image.png
Finding Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World

America is at a once-in-a-generation turning point around work: unprecedented numbers are quitting their jobs, rethinking their routines, breaking away from stifling expectations.

The Search arrives as the world reimagines the basic assumptions of work and offers a timely toolbox for each of us to get the happiness we seek, the meaning we crave, and the success we deserve.

Find work you love. On your own terms.

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