Monthly Gifts

Give a gift that gives throughout the year!  Great Gifts at great prices, every month or by the season. Love and joy all year long!

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Gift Clubs: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!  


Search more than 40 Monthly Clubs that have the best prices! Find 3 month, 6 month and all year gifts! Popcorn of the month, Wines, Flowers, Candles, Cheese, Puzzles and more!  Find the perfect gift for anyone on your list at great monthly rates. Makes a Wonderful Gift for you, too!   ​

Inspire Them with Your Favorite Magazine


Give a subscription to your favorite magazines that will inspire them throughout the year!  Easy to order and delivers wisdom, joy and wonder right to their door all year.  From Highlights for the kids to sports, fashion, fitness, finance and something for everyone!

Give the Gift of their Own Website! 


Give them these wonderful, simple tools so they can turn their passion and ideas into a real, income producing website.  This all-in-one package provides tools and fun video training to help every business create a presence and succeed online.  Great to give or get for yourself!

Total Marketing Kit for your Website!


This amazing set of tools can turn any of your Website Brands into the revenue funnel you know it can be! Generate Traffic, manage Affiliate products, quick set-up all Social Media marketing, list building, videos, events, contests and every fun affordable .  Try it for a month on any website and watch what happens!

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CLICK to Score the Best Free Trial Deals!


You'll be amazed at over a hundred Free Trial Deals to give you great savings on some essential products and fun products too!  Parents will find excellent Home Learning tools that quickly teach the kids more than you thought possible and in a fun way.


Free Deals on Dating, Free Deals on Fitness Training, Free Food from FreshDirect, Free DNA Testing, Audiobooks, Skincare and much more! Please limit Free Sign-ups to 5 per E-mail.

Explore Pure Positive Thinking!


Our health, happiness, wealth and even joy is dependent on our constant Positive Thoughts, no matter what crisis we face!  The question is: How to always stay up-beat even in the storm?


The Pure Positive Thinking secrets revealed in these programs show you how to transform any situation making it easier to turn obstacles into opportunities again and again! You have that power and these tools make it so!   


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