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Hot Summer Gifts!

Discover some Hot Summer Gifts, all easy to order with quick delivery or instant download. Amazing Low-Cost Travel Deals, Beautiful Fast Flowers, Great Woodworking Projects and gifts to make summer the best ever!

Wonderful Flowers Delivered Instantly!


No matter what the season, find all kinds of fantastic, unique and traditional flowers, arrangements and gifts from Flowers Fast!  Great last-minute special deals delivered today or next day! Find a great gift for yourself! 

Mini-Air Conditioner.PNG
Keep Cool in the Summer Heat!
This wonderful personal Mini-Air Conditioner makes a perfect gift for everyone! Dorm, Kids Room or any room always quietly cools you on those hot summer nights! Get one for them and one for you and stay cool!
16,000 Amazing Plans and Summer Projects!
Great projects for Summer! Surprise them with these great woodworking Plans and Ideas! From cabinets to decks, chairs, mailboxes, kid's toys and lots more! It doesn't matter what your level of experience, multiple designs to suit all experience levels.  

Plus lots of inspiring projects for experienced woodworkers looking for a challenge! 16,000 Plans to make almost anything! Take a look! Easy Download or Fast Delivery!
Get Amazing Travel and Last-Minute Deals!


Imagine the possibilities of giving and receiving the gift of travel! Let the folks at Spirit Quest Tours design a dazzling trip for you or discover some amazing Last-Minute deals to some truly enlightening and fun places around the globe.​ Give one of the Greatest Gifts of the Year!

Inspire Them with Your Favorite Magazine!


Give an instant subscription to your favorite magazines that will inspire them throughout the year!  Easy to order and delivers wisdom, joy and wonder right to their door.  From Highlights for the kids to sports, fashion, fitness, finance and something for everyone!

Top Secret.PNG
Give the Magic of Manifestation!  
This wonderful program delivers everything anyone needs to make "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction work perfectly! Learn the magic of manifestation! You are already using your inner abilities to create everything in your life. You can do so consciously every moment. Techniques revealed here are the steps of how to re-focus all your thoughts and emotions for direct manifestation of more happiness, health, peace and prosperity.  
Grab Your Ticket to Prosperity!  
Explore a collection of up-beat ideas and possibilities for The New Economy! Discover amazing
tools and techniques plus the actual fact that America is a millionaire making machine! It's true...Google it!! Each and every day in the USA more than 1000 of us become millionaires!
These amazing tools and techniques help you manifest your dreams and prepare you. From the Genie Within to the Instant Millionaire to creating simple revenue producing websites and lots more! You now have the ticket to prosperity in your hands.
Give the Keys to Unlock the Imagination!

Ask and It is Given and other wonderful Breakthrough Programs make great gifts for everyone!  You might even find the Perfect Gift you want for yourself!  Use any of the 12 Breakthrough Programs and watch your answers suddenly appear!

Everyone needs a Survival Light!
The Greatest Gift of every season is the Survival Light! With all the emergencies in the news, perhaps we can take a hint from the Universe and get ready! If the power is off for several days or even just hours, this Survival Light without batteries will be a God-send to have for any emergency. Get one for yourself!

The Many Faces of...


            PAST  LIVES

                    D e t e c t i v e s


Tom Sylvester!



Tom Fun.PNG

Visitor from Another Planet



Sister Mary Etheldred

Give the Gift to Gaze into the Summer Skies 


Real professional Telescopes and Microscopes make a great gift! Summer presents lots of dazzling views for those who wish to venture into the worlds beyond with a SkyScout, Land & Sky Telescope. Plus great microscopes, too!

Tom Headshot.PNG
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